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 Introduction and Overview (Week 1)

 Bayesian Network Fundamentals (Week 1)

 Template Models (Week 1)

 ML-class Octave Tutorial (Week 1, Optional)

 Structured CPDs (Week 2)

 Markov Network Fundamentals (Week 2)

 Representation Wrapup: Knowledge Engineering (Week 3)

 Inference: Variable Elimination (Week 3)

 Inference: Belief Propagation, Part 1 (Week 3)

 Inference: Belief Propagation, Part 2 (Week 4)

 Inference: MAP Estimation, Part 1 (Week 4)

 Inference: MAP Estimation, Part 2 (Week 5)

 Inference: Sampling Methods (Week 5)

 Inference: Temporal Models and Wrap-up (Week 6)

 Decision Theory (Week 6)

 ML-class Revision (Week 6, Optional)

 Learning: Overview (Week 6)

 Learning: Parameter Estimation in BNs (Week 7)

 Learning: Parameter Estimation in MNs (Week 7)

 Structure Learning (Week 8)

 Learning With Incomplete Data (Week 9)

 Learning: Wrapup (Week 9)

 Summary (Week 9)

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